Stainless steel exhaust??

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Stainless steel exhaust??

Ungelesener Beitragvon Willem » 21.08.2008, 19:53

Hello, I 'm writing this in Englisch because in Deutsch it is making to much time for me :)

But I found out that my Mittelschalldämpfer is leaking. So I went to the Stainless steel exhaust manufacturer and he is saying only the Endschalldämpfer and the cats are made from stainless steel... :evil:

I thought the whole exhaust was made from stainless steel?

Now I get a new custom made stainless steel MSD with the connection pipes to the cats and ESD. He is making it for about 350-375euro.

We measured that the diameter was about 55mm each pipe, and we are thinking to replace it with 63,5mm... would that be a problem for the engine performance?



Joe Klugmann
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Ungelesener Beitragvon Joe Klugmann » 21.08.2008, 21:59

dear willem,

bn pipes have complete stainlees steel exhaust.

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Joe Klugmann

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