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Erwin hat geschrieben:does the car have 2 thermostates (as sebastian said), an "oil thermostate" and a "water thermostate"??

Yes, every PLUS has two thermostates, one for the water-cycle and another one for the oil-cycle. If you are starting your cold engine, you are using only the small water-cycle and the small oil-cycle. If the engine gets warmer both thermostates are switching to the big cycles.

If for example the oil-thermostate doesn't work, it could be open all the time or it could be closed all the time. If it is open all time, you need very long, to get a warm engine, but after a time it would become warm. If it is closed, you will get very fast a to hot engine!
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oil thermostat

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can somebody tell me where to find the oil thermo on my plus

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Mike Schmaltz hat geschrieben:can somebody tell me where to find the oil thermo on my plus

On cylinder block where pipes from oil radiator connects.

Needs free registration, but here is an image:
http://www.vagcat.com/epc/cat/au/S6PQ/1 ... 193225/#15

part number 15 is thermo valve.

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