S6plus heads and ABH block?

Sean C.
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S6plus heads and ABH block?

Ungelesener Beitragvon Sean C. » 28.09.2007, 08:44

Hello everyone,

Let me start with a little intro. My name is Sean I live over in the USA and I am having a little trouble finding some help with an issue I have given myself. About a year ago I won a set of S6PLUS/S8 cylinder Heads off of ebay. Well Since the info on this site suggests that they will in no way work with the old blocks I have available to me I was wondering why? I can not get an S8 block very easily as I would have to import one from Europe. I would really like to use these heads in my project car.

thanks In advance I hope some one on here can help.

Joe Klugmann
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Ungelesener Beitragvon Joe Klugmann » 01.10.2007, 00:24

dear sean,

the s6plus heads (block AHK) and the audi s8 (block AKH and AHC) are the same.

You can use the s8 heads on a s6plus block and you can use the s6plus heads on the s8 (AKH and AHC) block.

What is your problem?
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Joe Klugmann

Marc Welsch
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Ungelesener Beitragvon Marc Welsch » 01.10.2007, 10:10

No, Joe, please read the titel, he wants to use the S6PLUS-heads on an old ABH-block (D11 V8, C4 S6/S4 4,2).

The problem is, that I have now idear if it fits or not. The problem is, that the ABH-engine is a complete diffrent generation. Even if the modern heads fits to the old block, you need some more parts like the modern CPU and the "Schaltsaugrohr". The "Schaltsaugrohr" is the part inbetween of the heads for the airintake.

Maybe you should ask at www.audiV8.com, at that board the most people drive the old D11, it could be, that one of those guys allready tried it out...
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